Need help telling if old case still good>

I found somebody at a yard sale selling old computers(weird I know) and for like $5 I bought a computer tower. I knew the motherboard didn't work so I took it apart. Now I have the case, PSU, RAM, an IDE cable, and an assortment of screws and standoffs. I wanted to turn it in to a storage server and need to know if it is in good condition? I don't know what computer it is but going by the size of the case and the amount of fans it could have I think it was for something high performances back in the day. When I took it apart the were brackets that the standoffs went in holding up the motherboard and I never seen this before. Most MB's just use the standoffs to hold them up right?

Right side panel inside

Right side panel outside

Left side panel inside

Left side panel outside

Inside Case Pics\" class=\"img lazy\">" class="img lazy">

Outside Case Pics



IDE Cable




Can anyone help?
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  1. I know some of the links don't work but you can copy and paste them.
  2. None of the links worked for me. I'll check it out when I get home though because it could be the wireless I'm on now.

    I don't exactly know what you want from us? Are you asking if the computer looks like it is in good physical shape? That really can't be found out by anything other than trying to turn it on and seeing if the components work.

    I'll try to identify the computer and answer your question on the brackets when I can get the links to work.
  3. Some cases use standoffes that dont require swcrews to secure the motherboard - though they work they are not the best choice.

    As for the case - if all you want to do is use if for a server then it should be fine - admittedly its not the best looking case I have seen.

    As long as it has intake and exhaust fans and a decent wiring job inside you should have no problems.
  4. Haha, well one nice thing about the case is the power button looks like pac man.

    Nice find though, 1 GB DDR ram. You mentioned the motherboard doesn't work so you took that out. Do you plan to build the server when you find a new one? What did you do with the CPU? The hard drives?
  5. It didn't come with a CPU or a Hard Drive. I plan on buying new parts but would like to use the case and PSU.
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