Limits of a well vented Radeon HD 5770

So, I got a "MSI R5770 Hawk Radeon HD 5770" last year. It has two fans, and nice copper pipes, etc, etc,. (Pretty much no different then the 6770 version).

My question is, since my it's an overclock edition, what did you guys/you guys think I should overclock this thing to? I messed around with it abit a little while ago, but I over did it and my computer reset. Thought I'd ask before I took another stab at it.
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  1. 950/1350 was the limit on my Sapphire,
    I'm not too up on gfx clocking though and prefer running overkill cards at standard settings with a clocked Cpu
    5770 is in my old Rig btw,
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