Is this motherbaord good for a gaming rig?

i already purchased the motherboard and it seem fine i was just wondering if its a good gaming board? since it seems small (micro atx)
gigabyte- GA-MA785GMT-UD2H and could it fit a radeon hd 5850? since i have a 5770 installed and it takes up a bit of room and is kinda covering a heatsink??
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  1. The mobo is good and the 5850 fit without problems but be sure that the PSU is enough for the rig.
  2. As Saint said,a 5850 will fit in it fine,but you mentioned that your 5770 is somehow covering the heatsink,so if its possible for you,post a picture of your motherboard's setup so that we can judge better
  3. ok ii probably will be able to tonight
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