My budget gaming desktop - thoughts?

Case: NZXT Lexa-S

Motherboard: MSI x58 Pro-E

CPU: Intel i7 920 (that will be OC'd to 4 GHz or higher)

GPU: ATI Radeon HD 4890 (Will be OC'd to 1.0 GHz core clock/1.2 memory)

ram: 6 gb (2 x 3) triple channel 1600 ddr3

700w psu

and I'm getting asetek LCLC liquid cooling to facilitate the massive overclocking on the CPU/GPU, plus the 4 fans in the nzxt case.
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  1. Damn when i saw budget gaming rig i was thinking $400-600 range for the entire tower lol
  2. A budget gaming system implies an entry level system. Yours went past midrange right to upper end (liquid cooling? $200 motherboard? $280 CPU?.... etc)
  3. Same here.

    700W PSU could mean anything, what did you have in mind? What resolution will you be using?
  4. yeah sorry I mis-labeled it, altogether it was about 1,104 dollars, which isn't exactly budget to most people. But i mean it was a strict budget to get a good enough computer to last me through college, although I'm pretty sure I'll be upgrading it along the way.

    the psu was a thermaltake purepower sli ready 700w psu, so I was under the assumption that it was not a generic brand. The resolution I'll be running for a while will be 1280x1024, until i get an upgraded monitor, then I'll be running 1920x1080.

    By the way, any thoughts on a relatively cheap, good, gaming monitor? That uses 1920x1080 as its native res. And any thoughts on the Asetek LCLC liquid cooling being utilized to prevent the overheating from the GPU/CPU overclocking? I posted my setup on another forum and people said the GPU's OC would be unstable...
  5. excellent,'s on quite a sale.

    Do you have any personal experience with it? i can't really find any professional reviews of it, and I always take newegg reviews with a grain of salt.
  6. Well, I bought a 19" Acer widescreen 18 months ago and a two 22" Acer widescreens 9 month ago and all three have been awesome.
  7. awesome. So do you know what the probability of getting this monitor from newegg and having a bunch of dead pixels (or just a few annoying ones that aren't in clusters) but not enough to get it RMA'D?
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    You know I must have just got lucky never ever having to RMA a monitor. In my 15 years of building about 70 PCs fpr myself and friends and relatives, I've RMA'd one Maxtor hard drive and one LG DVD ROM drive.

    Sorry dude can't answer your question about probabilities.
  9. Quote:
    Yeah well I worked in a RMA dept. for a computer builder and I've returned probably 20 cpu's, 100 monitors, 100 video cards, thousands of piece of ram and thousands of hdd's not to mention everything else you could imagine from battery backups to network hubs.

    This was YEARS ago though.

    So then how do you rate Acer's quality to Samsung, Asus, LG, Hanns monitors?
  10. Asus makes nice monitors, alot more than you would expect from a mobo company and for the most part are cheaper than any other.
  11. sonic-boom said:
    Asus makes nice monitors, alot more than you would expect from a mobo company and for the most part are cheaper than any other.

    but what about Acer

    lol...i should have bought the monitor last night. sold out...
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