How do you think temps look for a Core I7 920 @3320?

Think my case is not dissipating heat as it should I have one 120mm intake fan and 120mm, 80mm, 140mm(PSU) exhaust fans. Also have a Thermaltake Frio CPU cooler at max. RPM and still this:

Is my CPU in danger?

Case Lian Li b20b :(
Motherboard Rampage II Extreme 2.01G
ASUS ENGTX480 Series x 1
Core i7 920 (OC with BCLK=166 standard voltages and stable) @ 3320MHz (VCore = 1.1v, CPU PLL - 1.8v, QPI/DRAM(Uncore) = 1.2v)
CORSAIR DDR3 PC12800 x 3 @ 1333
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  1. Is your cooler mounted properly with a pea sized dot of thermal paste? But then again you are overclocking, so that would be the reason.
  2. I keep reading that the temps on these is safe in the mid 70's but I've seen my own 960 hit 99C and keep on trucking...I didn't leave it up there but on air I couldn't get it to stay down..had to go to an H50 corsair water cooler to get the temps down.

    These I7's are known for extremely warm cpu temps.

    read this...

    and this...

    Your temps are WELL WITHIN ACCEPTABLE RANGE...but the higher temps you are showing are due to your cpu cooler...and how well it does/doesn't perform and looks like the stock cooler...temperature wise anyhow...the stock coolers aren't very good at heat removal...

    I don't know for sure what you're using but if it was me...I would take a look at these two items and pick one for guaranteeing NO issues with cpu temps again.

    This one is the most bang for the buck at $35

    But this one...

    is water cooling and works very well in a push/pull fans and set it up as Intake...both fans blowing into the interior of the case...there's an arrow on the fans indicating air flow..set both to blowing into the case for the best cooling performance.

    Like I said above...your rig isn't in any danger....those temps ARE on the low side but they could be better...your cooler isn't removing the heat as efficiently as a better cooler will.

  3. The Frio outperforms the H50 and H60. It would be a downgrade to switch to an H60.
  4. amuffin said:
    The Frio outperforms the H50 and H60. It would be a downgrade to switch to an H60.

    I agree with you on this one :)

    Now for the interesting part: I managed to overclock the CPU @ 3320MHz with low voltages (see image above) and with a temperature drop of -1C compared to CPU on default BIOS settings with TurboBoost enabled @ 2800MHz:

    Cooler was reseated (not long ago), also cleared all cables in the way of my airflow in the case. Thing is I hate Lian Li b20b, it has all the looks but airflow is no good. I will use my CPU @ 3320MHz until it cracks, right now I'm starting not to care.
  5. Follow-up:

    After installing Lian Li BZ 502 my temps are way better (wouldn't say exactly -10C because ambient temp is now 23C not 25C):

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