My Passeport doesn't like Element

I have two ext.disks
WD My Passeport essentiel 500Mo USB3
WD Element 500Mo USB2
I have some troubles when I connect the two devices together (My XP PC doesn't have usb3 port). If Element is first the Passeport is not detected. If My Passeport first, Unlock it OK, then Element detected and after a few seconds, My Passeport becomes unreachable. Until today, only some files staid locked and unreadable BUT THIS NIGHT, MY PASSEPORT IS EMPTY !!!
Fortunately, my main Backup is on my Element. I think multiple softwares of WD (for the two devices) is the origin of my problem but it's too late.
Already seen this kind of conflict, thank's for informations.
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  1. Have you plugged these drives into a wall outlet, or are they getting their power over the USB cable?

    If they're getting power over the USB cable, you must plug each drive directly into its own port on the computer itself, and not into a USB hub. A hub normally doesn't supply it's own power and the power it gets the computer port that it's plugged into won't be enough to run two drives at once. It's also possible that an underdesigned USB controller on the motherboard that services two USB ports won't be able to power two drives at once, so you might try using different sets of ports to see if you can find a combination that works.

    Also, note that "desktop"-style external drives (that use 3.5" platters) use more power than "portable" style drives (that use 2.5" platters) and they can't be powered via the USB cable. They need to be plugged into a wall outlet using a transformer that's normally supplied with the drive.
  2. Hi,
    Thank's for your answer. I don't use USB hub, My Passport is plugged in the rear panel of my PC and the Essentiel in the front one. I suppose that it's two separate usb hubs on the mother board (ASRock P4VT8+). My exteneral drives are 2"5 and cannot be powered with external supply (only usb connector).
    I had also some troubles of locked files on my passport without a second drive plugged in.
    I really think that the 2 WD softwares (one for each drive) can't be runned at the same time.
    My problem now, is how to completely erase my passport to avoid the WD locker program in order to use it directly in XP and in Linux.

    Do you know a tool for earsing my passport like any common drive ?
    Is it possible ?

  3. I'd try a secure erase utility, such as:
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