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New CPU cooler suggestions, Phenom II X6

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May 7, 2012 3:09:04 PM

I currently have an NZXT LCS cooling a Phenom II x6 1055 currently running at stock speeds and voltages. All of my OC's have caused the CPU temp to go over 60°C (got to 68°C once while @3.5 Ghz). Even running at stock clocks and voltages, the CPU can get to 55°C just playing a random game. Yesterday I tried re-seating the LCS and applying some Artic Silver 5 to see if that would help, but the temps still seem to be too high. So I think the LCS has either gone bad or just really sucks.

So what can you recommend? Anyone had any good experiences with any particular type of cooler and a Phenom II CPU. I don't personally mind which type, just something to help keep the temps down when I OC. I am looking at the sub $70 range.
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May 9, 2012 11:11:54 AM

GI_JONES said:
I am cooling a PhenomII X4 975be with this:
easy to install, and keeps my cpu nice and cool. I run at about 50c under 100% cpu usage

But your x4 975be don't have Turbo like his X6. The x6 will clock higher and up its voltage to handle the higher clock. My 1100t at stock 3.3ghz would boost to 3.7ghz at 1.55v (I don't know why that high) and my temps would get high, I run it now at 3.9ghz at 1.46v and thats the highest its ever went, lower voltage, lower temp, but higher clock.

when you overclock, turn the turbo off, my goal was to get my x6 to its turbo clock of 3.7 on all 6 cores at a lower volt. If your using the stock cooler, you wont be able to clock far. I can't remember what the name of the setting is in bios, but mine was some sort of setting that tried to compensate for vdroop which made my vcore sky rocket, but not higher than 1.55.

I use the corsair H60, keeps my 1100T 3.9ghz 1.46v at around 55 - 56c. Mine I have found out it shutsdown at 69c, or well the computer freezes. My old PII x4 940 I had that up to 76C, thing still kicking at 3.8ghz. But don't let it pass 62c. 62c isn't going to kill it, but its not stable.