Update bios in a asus P5NE-sli OS-- vista 32bit

I need to update my bios in asus p5ne SLI, vista 32 bit. am trying to get upgrade intel E8500 going, will not work with present system settings(bios 0202), all I get is a black screen so I put my Pentium cpu back in to down load new bios.
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  1. First go to ASUS support site and find the latest BIOS for your motherboard and OS,then download and install ASUS update utility from here
    The open it and choose "Update BIOS from file",then locate the BIOS file and choose.
    Its recommended not to do anything else while the BIOS is updating.
    When its finished,your computer will restart,and to make sure that the latest BIOS is installed,download CPU-Z and go the motherboard tab,and there you can see the version of your BIOS
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