Overclock Q6600 780i Mobo


I need help. Iv never overclocked before and i just got a new PC.
specs are...

XFX Nforce 780i 3/sli mobo
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.40GHz
4GB DDR2 800MHz Dual Channel
XFX Geforce GTX 285 1GB GDDR3
650w Thermaltake Toughpower PSU.

I would like to overclock my CPU to 2.80GHz but am worried about stuffing it up as this will be my first overclock.
My CPU heatsink is a Thermalright Fanless Heatsink. So i dont want to go to high of a overclock.
Also i do not want my CPU to be faster than my GPU. Bottleneck or something or rather in Geek Terms.
Please help because i can only find info on overclocking it to 3.0, 3.2 & 3.4. And im not sure how i should set my RAM timings ect...

If you need any info on what my BIOS says i can provide if needed.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. i dont recommend overclocking on a passive heatsink
  2. Ok il agree on that. Also how do you get your system specs to show up on forums?
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