Connecting a wired-to-router PC to a wireless printer in another room


I am trying to connect my wired-to-router computer to a wireless printer in another room. I already have the printer setup and working with 2 laptops running Windows 7. The computer I am trying to connect is running Windows XP. Do I need a wireless adapter for it? Or can I access it through some other configuration? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. If the wireless and wired computer are all sharing the same router, then they should all have equal access (at least as far as the underlying network is concerned). The printer doesn't care one way or another whether it's accessed by wired or wireless clients.

    If you’re having trouble accessing it from a wired computer, that may just be coincidental. Remember, all the machines have to be in the same workgroup name, preferably all sharing the same username/password to avoid security issues.
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