Watter cooling build ~150-350$

compleatly new to the watercooling thing,

i would like a water cool build for 1155 and 2x 560ti

i am concerned about DUST entering my case and temps. have no problem with case mods. open to diy builds to save money on resivors or radiators.

thanks nick
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  1. Check the sticky at the top of the section for some basic info you'll need first, that way you know what we are on about when we start talking about your expected Delta and restrictions
    Your budgets a little tight for 2 cards and a Cpu, but I'm sure we could manage it,
    you're looking at using universal blocks on the graphics cards, cheaper but you will need some additional cooling for the vram and mosfets on your cards,
    pump and Cpu block, tubing and fittings obviously, most of us here use distilled water with a silver killcoil in our loop insted of premixed coolants, you'll learn why soon enough :)
    and you're happy to mod things?
    Awesome, heres your reservoir.
    you'll need to tap two G1/4 holes in the flat part of the bottom for connections to fit into, and if its not one of the plastic lined ones, ditch it, too much trouble from corrosion issues :P
    the bonus of using this is, you can bleed air out of the system by pressing the lever on the extinguisher, (As long as its near the top of the loop)
    Stylish AND practical hehe
    although you are probably much better off buying a nice premade acrylic res first time
    Rads I'm afraid I have no quick fixes for, you can try to find rads on egay or craigslist, but are you 100% sure they are ok?
    Stick with bought new units for peace of mind to begin with but you are looking at a minimum of one 360 and one 240 rads,
    You will need to understand and calculate your TDP, which is how much heat your parts put into the water, then you need enough radiators/fans to effectively dissipate it,
    We're not going to just give you a shopping list here, we'll help you learn for yourself what it is you need, best way in the long run,
    but check through the sticky and ask anything thats unclear, theres a few of us here more than willing to take our time with someone who is prepared to put the effort in
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