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Is my HDD going to fail?

Recently my HDD keeps failing especially when booting. I thought it was my boot volume, so I repaired it, but still the problem not solved. Then I heard a sound like 'tik tik tik' , and from what I know, if the HDD make a weird sound, thats the symptoms it will fail. So I make a backup.

Before I format the HDD, I remove the graphic card, fans, reset the BIOS (I oc my processor and RAM), but the problem still there. It still make the 'tik tik tik' sound.

I tried to repair the HDD using UltimateBootCD. Because the process was toooooo long, only 5% but tooks 4 hours.

Then, I remove the RAM.

Corsair 2GB DDR2 800 (ram A)

Kingston 512MB DDR2 667 (ram B)

I remove the ram B, the sound from the HDD just disappear. Before I take out the RAM, I check my HDD with WDLG and the Spin Up Time was 71. After I remove the ram B, the Spin Up Time increase to 78.

Heres the result after I remove the ram B.

I just forgot what forum/website telling that ;

70 - 80 is Acceptable
80 - 100 Good

But they mentioned that the result does not mean true, it might be false reading.
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    I think your HDD is about to fail.

    Backup important data and RMA the drive.
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