How does my complete i5 gaming build look ???

hey :hello:... thnks for all those comments and advices...
now with all ur suggestions i have completed my gaming rig !!
tell me how does it look ??

processor- core i5 750

motherboard- asus p7p55d EVO

graphics card- ati 5770(will be adding another one of these and making crossfire !!)

chasis-cooler master cm 690

psu-corsair tx 750

hdd-master(boot) drive: samsung spinpoint f3
hdd-slave drive: segate 1 tb

logitech keyboard plus mouse combo !!

24x dvd writer from samsung or lg

ram-corsair i5 memory kit 4 gb

cpu cooler- cooler master hyper 212 plus
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  1. Looks good, just check the prices on equivalent ram kits and make sure you arent over paying.
  2. thnks man...yes i will make sure of it !!!
  3. Yep, looks good. Check any benchmarks for the 5770 against older series cards to check you are getting the best performance for the money.

    As a general rule if you aren't intending to add another card in the next 6 months you'll probably never do it.

    Also note that cards like the 4870, GTX 260 are going to crash in price with new generation cards coming online. You may find a bargin.
  4. man i am getting 4890 for the same price as with 5770
    4890 has better performance
    but i went for 5770 to get that dx11 added feature.....
    should i reconsider my decision ????
  5. Probably not - just enjoy the games on a seriously fast 4000 series card until the DX11 price war starts (or finishes) then snap up something faster and cheaper.

    You're power supply is definately suitable to take the 4890 and probably crossfire on future (generally less power hungry) cards.
  6. what is the total cost to build your comp?
  7. 65000 rupees or around 1100$....said a little less bcause prices in usa is low !!!
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