Can I connect my monitor to my TV?

I am trying to connect my monitor to my TV - is this possible? My monitor has a DVI port and TV has HDMI. Will this work or do I have to somehow connect the TV to the pc, the pc doesn't have a DVI port.
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  1. The ports on the monitor are for signal in, short answer NO. You would have to connect the TV to a port on your GPU/ PC which are output ports.
  2. Thanks for that - one more question if you don't mind - would HDMI on the TV to VGA on the pc work?
  3. I have not seen an adapter that way.
  4. You could try something like this :- but I've never used one so I can't say how good or bad it would be.
  5. There's a HDMI-DVI-VGA adaptor... I use one.
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