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Hi everyone! I have an ASUS 9400GT and the little fan is so whiny (high-pitched) and spins so fast that it makes a huge noise, by far the loudest fan in the case.

So I disconnected it. I don't play 3D games on my computer or do any 3D work, the most load the GPU will go through is MMX video encoding (which I think uses GPU, with ffmpeg, no?)

Does anyone think this will break my motherboard / CPU if it fails due to overheating? I don't care if the card goes, I just don't want it taking down my whole system. I am loath to spend money on expensive cooling fans for a cheap card, when for an extra few quid I could get the exact same card again with a massive heatsink i.e. the "silent" version:

The fact that this silent version even exists gives me comfort - surely it's just the exact same card with the same components, just a larger heatsink and no fan?? Then I should be ok to just run my existing card with no fan, as long as I don't push it for hours with no ventilation in the case.

It's been ok so far but it's also been 1 degree in London. :D

Anybody have any opinions or experience on this?

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  1. it shouldnt dmg your motherboard etc, if it overheats it probably just crashes..

    and i wouldnt b surprised that even without the fan on active and the gpu on 100% load it wont overheat. Just a matter of decent airflow rly.

    and your right about the silent edition with the heatsink, simply bigger (and even those often require a somewhat decent airflow)

    had a 8600gt silent for a while reached 90 degrees C easy... Until i just bought a cheap 80mm fan and some cable ties. *wich lowerd it to 55-60ish under load)

    But long story short, just check the temps with the fan both on and off, use gpuz for example and make it burn with furmark,

  2. hey thanks for the tips! I will leave it off and see how it goes. :)
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