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I've began to monitor the temps of my rig pretty seriously now as I've decided to start oc'ing right now my rig id i5 2500k msi p67a gd65, 16gb corsair vengence 1600mhz and powercolor 6870's in cf w/ a 1300w psu. (overkill i know but my previous one failed and I dont *** around.) oh and my cases is the antec 900 2 v3. idling my cpu is at 42 degress celsius and gpu is 59. when gaming my cpu gets up to like 60ish (ill have to verify) and the gpu will easily get to 80 if i dont put the fans on manual control (i normally go to like 65% to keep it low) im getting the noctua nh d14 because its future proof bracket wise so the cpu is covered for the most part. I talked to one of my friends and he said his 560ti idles at 35 degrees celsius and is at like 50 when under load. i think he has an haf case not sure. is the cf what is making my graphics cards so hot? I always have all fans turned up to max on case which drops temps like 10 degree. What should I do if anything to help cool things off? there is an extra mount on the side of my case for a side fan so im thinking about throwing one in there and possible replacing the case fans with some faster ones. would any of you know if it would even be worth it? I was thinking of cutting out a hole in the side of the case and taking a box fan and running some tubing with a filter to prevent dust and psing air into thecase. any thoughts??
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    Absolutely fill that empty slot with a 120MM fan...get a good one...Rosewill sells excellent fans with a good cfm rating around 70 to 80 cfm airflow and set it to "intake'' blowing air into the case...set your high fan in the back to INTAKE as well...The ONLY exhaust fan will be the top 230MM fan...add a fan to the front...120MM as intake and in front of the hdd cage...this provides a total of 4 120MM fans bringing cool "outside air" into your case and all the heat exhausting out the top where heat rises to anyway.

    I have a Antec 900 set up this way as my home server and temps are outstanding! The quad core amd is running at 30-32C and the entire rig is cold to touch. I had a 5770 in it a couple of years ago AND a 6870...with my temps at idle for the card in the mid 30's C and load temps of about 50-55C.

    Give it a try and see how it works...your temps aren't all that terrible now...a testament to good airflow design of the Antec 900...but cooler is ALWAYS better and I like everything below 50C especially for idle!

    Good Luck and let us know how it turns out.

  2. sweet thanks for the help and will do!
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  4. i added fans to the two fans to the bottom cage, I would have put it in the top position but I couldnt fit it in with all the cables but I actually got it down 10 degrees C by switching the rear fan and adding the two!
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