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I have a gateway sx2800 with intel systemboard with G41 chipset. It came with an integrated GMA X4500 video adapter. My questions is will the G41 chipset run both the integrated video card plus the JATON Video-PX8400GS_LX GeForce 8400 GS I am going to add in. If not what are my other options for running three monitors seeing as the computer only has one PCIe x16 slot.
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  1. well the new video card will have 2 connectors but in 98% the onboard gets disabled (except now for those new sli/xfire hybrids). I do recall in the old days where you can keep the onboard enabled as a secondary video (no advanced setting i.e. videogaming off the secondary) but both cards are working together. The only way to truly know is actually install new card and go to display properties to see if multiple cards are listed and how many screens total you can enable. (PS the X2 card i.e. 3870x2 or 7950x2GTX can support 4 screens and up to 8 depending on cabling)
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