Help installing ek 680 block

.Hey guys, ill keep this short as im on my phone.

Im trying to instal an ek fc block on my 680 and something is wrong. The block just doesnt seem to fit my card even though i have a reference asus card.

All the holes line up, but the supplied screws dont reach the pre installed standoffs. The capacitors on the board seem to be too tall, so the screws just dont go far enough. Even if i use a longer screw ( i tried a long on provided for the pci bracket( it just means the pcb ends up flexing horribly because the capacitors force a part of the board higher thrn the rest.

Really annoyed atm, as my pc is sat in pieces and i bought the damn block from usa, so its pretty much pointless returning it.

So does anyone have experiwnce with these blocks? Im pulling my hair out.
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  1. which block is it, i know EK has several designs for their 680 block.
  2. Its an ek fc 680
  3. I know we shouldnt bump, but does anyone have any ideas? Im not sure if its my card or the block thats broken
  4. Is this the water block you have?

    Can you link the model of card that you have?

    I don't see why it wouldn't work. The EK block should have the 2.5mm standoffs preinstalled. Can you verify that they are there? The link also has a install guide if you have not already seen that.
  5. Yeah, the standoffs are there. Ive ftollowed the guides repeatedly. The problem is deffo the cappacitirs on the baord. They stick out more thagn they should so it holds up the side of the block. Im not sure if its tje card or tje block thouh. Maybe the gap on the block should be bigger? I thought all reference cards were the same? I dont get why mine would have slightly taller caps.

    And yes i have the exact block. You can see an L shape in the top left and a line on the bottom were the copper is removed. Thats where the caps are mean to sit. But on mmine, the caps are too tall and wont allow the block to make contact.
  6. Thats a bummer man. Don't know what to tell ya. Apparently that asus reference card isn't so reference.
  7. So the suplier of tje asus card replied to my mail and said the card is deffinetly reference. Ive emailed frozencpu about the block twice and still had no reply, which is not like them. Im of the opinion the block is most likely bad. A hige inconvinence, since my last lot of spare spending money for a while went on it (holiday in a week).

    Ive just put tje loop together without the gpu for now, and will try getting another brand whem i have more free cash. Hugely annoying, but ill probably avoid both frozencpu and ek from now on.
  8. That really sucks and sorry to hear that. However I wouldn't just give up on trying to send that *** back, you shouldn't have to eat that cost. If it doesn't work then it doesn't work.
  9. Paying to return it would be half the cost of the block anyway. Then theres the risk that the replwcement will have the same issue, so it seems a better idea to just buy a different brand. Is there one thats entirely open where the caps are? Will look around when i have more cash.
  10. Universals may be your only option I'm afraid mate,
    try and sell the F/c on Ebay maybe to recover your cost, and don't forget your ramsinks if you do go universal
    *Edit, which Asus 680 is it?
  11. It seems that almost all ASUS GPUs are non-reference PCB. This is quite likely just my generalized perception, but there aren't too many times you refer to ASUS ref boards...they always seem to have different VRM and vRAM layouts.
  12. I know the DCII boards are non ref, but theres also a normal looking dual slot version which looks like it could be ref, but Asus do like to play around with them
  13. I actually have a rasa universal block already, but not enough ramsinks. You cant buy them here so it would be ages before i can get more.
    Selling the current block will be almost impossible. Theres just no market for that stuff here.
    I will probanly just leave it now. Sreally angry that a board advertised as reference clearly isnt.
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