Will this graphics card work on my computer

Hi I have a hp pavilion a710n and I was wondering if this card would run on my system.

VisionTek Radeon X1300 Pcie 256MB Graphics Card

I currently have a Radeon 9550xl 256MB on my computer

also here are some pics of inside my computer if it helps at all

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    No the computer has an AGP 8x graphics slot. So you need an AGP card. The X1300 PCIE is PCI Express it will not work.
    Specs here:

    Basically these are the choices you have:

    The HD 4670 or 4650 are going to be as good as you can get. You may have to upgrade that cheap 250w PSU though.

    You might want to get a can of compressed air and clean that computer out no matter what.
  2. Thanks for the info
    Also what graphics card would be the best to run games like cysis and sims 3
    and if i got a graphics card that needs 300w PSU can it still run on 250w for a while before i get a new one.
  3. I don't want to depress you, but you have a problem. I know for a fact that your current PC is not made for heavy gaming, in other words it is far too outdated; even if you manage to upgrade your PSU and get a 4670/4650, your CPU @ 2.2Ghz will bottleneck your graphics card and you will lose a significant amount of performance.

    If your planning to play games like crysis or sims 3 on even medium settings, I suggest you buy or build a new PC.

    Just so you have a idea; your current system is single core CPU @ 2.2Ghz and 512 DDR ram. To even play the games you mentioned, you will need at least a duel core @ 2.2Ghz or higher CPU with 1.5GB or more of Ram depending on your operating system with a 9600GT graphics card and a 400 - 450Watt power supply.
  4. Thanks for the info though it will take a while to have enough money to buy a new computer thanks for telling me before i go waste my money on something that can never happen :sol:
  5. Coffee is right....... that computer is way too old to play the latest generation of games..... especially Crysis.
    Honestly any money you put into that old computer is basically wasted, its just too weak to do anything with.
    Unless the old graphics card failed my advice is to save money and build a new computer.
  6. Well, I've been thinking and I realized that there IS a use for your old PC once you retire it - when you save up enough money for a new PC, you can invest a little money into your old machine - not much 100$ or so and you can potentially turn it into a media center - depending on what TV you have it might be worth the effort - I've set up a P4 @ 3Ghz with 1GB ram using a 9400GT at my friends using his old parts - he now watches all the anime and TV shows he torrents on the internet on his 40inch LCD TV using the media center PC I put together for him.
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