I5-750 2.66 or I7-860 2.8 ?

Hi guys. Question. Some time ago i change platform from Socket 775 to Socket 1156.
I sold Quad Q9550 2.8 .
Then i bought this parts of pc:
Gigabyte Ati 5850
Ocz DDR3 2x2gb Platinum 1333 Low Voltage CL7
Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3
Be Quiet Dark power PRO 1000W

And now only i must buy CPU.
I5-750 2.66 or I7-860 2.8 ?
I want to see better performance than my earlier Quad Q9550.

To buy I7-860 2.8 i must wait for extra money a 1 month. But at this moment i got cash to buy I5-750 2.66. So wait month to buy I7 860 or now I5-750 2.66 ? And remember i want better performance than my earlier Quad Q9550 2.8. Not big difference , but i dont want to buy new cpu and get the same performance like in Quad. So please HELP !
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  1. If you're gaming has more priority that video encoding, then go for the 750.
  2. o i5-750 2,66 ghz will be faster than Quad Q9550 2,8ghz ????? Even he got 2,66 lower clock
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