Which SSD is best for me?

hello im after some advice about SSD's
my current set up is this

Case is a Coolmaster HAF 922

M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 motherboard

amd phenom 955 3.2Ghz not overclocked Air Cooled by nordwand Rev B Cooler

XFX 5870 graphics card with a Zalman VF-3000 cooler fitted

850 Watt corsair professional series Power Supply

1TB samsung SpinPoint F3 Hard drive

4GB G.Skill Ripjaw Ram

random LG CD drive (not got round to upgrading this)

have been looking to upgrade my set up and figure a SSD would be the best new addition unless someone has a better idea.

have been looking to get one that is about 80gb-128gb which will have windows 7 on it and some games such as WoW call of duty and maybe battlefield then use the 1TB drive for other games, music and movies.

but my problem is i have no idea which SSD to get? Have been looking at reviews and most seem to have good and bad reviews, intel drives seem to have the best all round review and realiablilty. is this true? or could someone recommend a better one?

looking to spend about £150 on one

thank you in advance
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  1. Try a Crucial M4.
  2. SSDs are relatively new technology. New drives take at least a year or two before there is enough reliable data to make a conclusion about the drives reliability.

    From what I hear, and in my own experience, Intel's drives are pretty reliable in general. OCZ's earlier drives have given me problems, and I've RMA'd 2 agility IIs at work. I have a crucial M4 on my laptop and it works great (and is pretty fast).

    Honestly I would recommend that you don't get too caught up in benchmarks and what not. If you buy an SSD now you are an early adopter. Personally I would recommend an M4 or a newer OCZ drive, or an intel drive if you want to spend a little more for what might be a more reliable product.

    Corsair, Sandisk, Samsung, adata, and kingston all make decent drives as well, and if I drive with decent reviews is on sale I would consider a drive from most of these vendors.
  3. thank you:) think im going to go for the M4 as reviews look promising and its a decent size for what i need

    Thanks again
  4. you could also go with the Samsung 830 128gb which should get better write speeds, but should still keep as stable.
  5. gone with the crucial M4 should be here tomorrow thank you:)
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