Are fewer RAM chips always better?

Hi all,

I'm just wondering if its always best to go with fewer RAM chips.
[ie. (2) 4GB chips over (4) 2GB chips]

What kind of real world performance difference is experienced?
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  1. Hi.

    Unless that u work with many adobe applications at the same time the 8GB will be a waste of money.

    In systems with dual channel architecture 4GB is more that enough for the games and applications that exist today and the recommendable for any rig. For system that support tri channel architecture the most common are 6GB.
  2. This rig will be doing HD video editing. Average project size is around 100-200GB of data. Usually around 20-30GB is rendered at a time.
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    Use 8GB with a lower CL.
  4. So (4) 2GB chips with a lower CL will outperform (2) 4GB chips with a higher CL, right?

    BTW - Sorry for the confusion in the original question, I meant to ask for a performace difference between (4) 2GB or (2) 8GB chips.
  5. Yeah.

    For example exist some 2000MHz with CL9 with a high price, but if u compare that RAM with a 1600MHz CL7 u get the same or maybe better performance with the 1600MHZ and with less price.
  6. Great, thanks!
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  8. Any time, that's why we are here. If u need more help come back to the forum.
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