Will I Be Able To Use an HDTV as a Monitor with My Setup?


I ordered an Vizio 32" 1080p and I am wondering if I will be able to use it as a computer monitor HDTV with my setup.

I have a EVGA Geforce 9800 GT. It has two dual-link Dvi-I ports and no HDMI or SPDIF connectors. My motherboard does not have an HDMI or SPDIF connector either.

The Vizio has a VGA connector, no DVI, along with the usual HDMI connectors.
(pg 24 if you want details)

For audio, I have an Audigy 2 ZS. These are the relevant ports:
* Line level out (Front / Side / Rear / Center / Subwoofer)
* (Digital Out for 5.1 support (6-channel SPDIF output to Creative digital speakers
* Line in

My questions:
* Will I be able to use the Vizio as a monitor in its native 1080p resolution, and still get sound from my sound card?
* If so, what cables and adapters do I need to buy?

I'm pretty confused at this point. I get the impression that an HDMI-DVI adapter wouldn't work with my setup because you can't get sound without a SPDIF passthrough. Would using the HDTV's VGA connection and using a VGA-DVI adapter for the graphics card work? Would I need to connect anything to my soundcard? Can VGA handle 1080p resolution?
I would be extremely grateful for any help.

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    For your 1st Question... The answer is yes. The EVGA 9800GT is well capable of driving your TV to 1080P.

    Use DVI-HDMI converter to connect your Video card to the HDMI input of your TV. This is the preferred method of video connection.

    For Additional Information you can also use the break-out cable to use the component video connector. I still recommend the HDMI connector.

    For Video : You need DVI-HDMI connector. You can get it from EVGA or buy it from computer stores such as Frys and Newegg(online).

    Here's a sample

    As a proof of confidence... I have 8800GT OC 512, GTX 280 OC both connected to HDTV (52 inch , 70 inch). Work like a charm @ 1080P through HDMI. Your card should do it.

    For the Sound:

    You can use Line-Level Output(Front) from your sound card to the Stereo Analog Input of your TV. Make sure to read the set-up manual of your TV to configure the audio source of the HDMI-Input to the Analog Stereo Input.

    Connector to Purchase:

    You need a 3.5mm to RCA (Audio SPlitter cable : Stereo).

    Here's the sample:

    You should be good to go.
  2. Thanks for the response. Is the audio cable necessary to get sound, or optional? I'm guessing without the audio cable that when I watch TV, sound will come through the TV speakers, and when I watch a movie on my computer or play games, sound will come through my computer speakers, which is fine with me. Is that a correct assumption?
  3. Nvidia Cards such as my GTX280OC have SPDIF connector to get audio from my sound card. In that way both Audio and Video goes through the HDMI cable.

    I'm not sure if your EVGA 9800GT has an SPDIF input. For that to work you also need a SPDIF output from your Audio CARD. If these connectors are present then its possible to get audio and video through the HDMI connector.

    If the above stated conditions are not met then you need the Audio cable from your video card to the TV to pass audio from PC-Audio card to your TV.

    Note: This my presonal preference

    I have 3 HDTV setup are home (52 and 2 70inch)..... Although my audio goes through HDMI i rarely use the Audio of my TV.

    My PC(Games, Blue -Ray-Movie, HD-DVD-Movie, PC-HDDVR, PC-HDPVR), PS3(PS3 Games, Blue-Ray movie), DVD Player, SAT BOX... Are all connected to receivers with 7.1 speakers.

    Its your choice
  4. You can opt out of the AUDIO to the TV and just use your PC sound. Again its your choice. If you have 5.1 sound on your PC it should be a lot better than your TV.
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