I5-2500k TurboBoost not working?

Hi, I don't like to bring up old threats (saw a few on TH) but I couldn't find any answer. I guess I could read a little more but my eyes start hurting so I think I should ask the experts on Toms forum for help. Here's the problem:
My i5-2500k could only go up to 3.4Ghz with TurboBoost in CPU-Z when test with Prime95 after I've reset the BIOS (with jumper then Optimized default loaded). BIOS also shows 3.3GHz non-turbo and 3.4Ghz with turbo across all 4 cores. I swear I saw 37 on the first core, 36 on the second, 35 on third, 34 on the fourth one many time before. All this is being said as the BIOS at default settings. Could I have messed up the CPU by overclocked it before? I have never raised the voltage or set it above 4.5Ghz. Temp never went above 65 C max (prime95) even when overclocked. What makes a little more confusing is System property say 3.3Ghz 3.6Ghz. Isn't it supposed to be 3.3Ghz 3.7 (with BIOS clock at 100.33MHz)?

Well, I could turn Intel TB off and OC it again but my mind keeps wondering why it wasn't the same as before. Did I miss something here? I'm all ears, please advice. Thanks in advance.

My system spec (built approximately 4 months ago)

I5-2500k currently not OCed
Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3P
GSkill RAM 8GB 1333GHz
Zalman 9500 HSF
Corsair HX850 PSU
Kingston HyperX 120GB
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
EVGA 560ti
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  1. you can set turbo to whatever you want to, so if you want it back at 36/37 or whatever it used to be, just go reset it to those levels. who knows why it reset to 34, but it isn't a big deal to change it back.

    btw, turbo is rarely used since most programs don't request more processing speed than what is available. however, if you overclock, you're forcing the processor at a higher speed and those same programs have no choice but to use the excess speed at that point.
  2. It was at 3.4 with Prime because it was using all 4 cores. 3.4 is the stock 4 core Turbo clock. I personally don't even deal with Turbo though, and just OC with the main multi, which kinda sounds like what's going on in your situation. If you OC with the main multi, all Turbo multis will be the same, like you describe.
  3. Thank you Tuff and DJ for your replies.

    Yea DJ, I'd tried 1 threat stress test with p95 and CPU-Z still only shows 3.4. I know TurboBoost is not that important as I can always bypass it but like I said before that I just wonder what happened to specified stock TB.

    Since I put together this new rig, I haven't had time to enjoy it because of all the OCing finess and putting everything back to stock default doesn't cut it knowing that it's now a different "default". God help me!

    Anyway, thanks guys.
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