Best fit motherboard for pentium d 925 3.0/4mb/800

i am big of fans Tomshardware.
I had Proc 925 and i don't yet choose motherboard for my cpu.
For ur kindness please tell me which one should i buy for my cpu pentium d 925.
I don't care about the brand or the prices.
I just want to get best suite motherboard for pentium D 925.
Thanks for the reading and the answer.
I know it would be the best answer on Tomshardware.
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  1. If you have pc5300 or pc6400 ddr2, I would go with a p45 or g31 chipset board. For the g31, newegg has the Asrock G31M-s R2.0 micro atx for around $47 shipped. For a p45 atx, the gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L gets better reviews at newegg than it's asus cousin. Both these boards support your pentium D 925. If you want to use ddr3, fewer boards may support your old pentium D. Check the "cpu support" list carefully before ordering.
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