Dimensions of 120mm case fan-diameter or diagonal?

I want to install two of these-


My question is-do 120x120x25 mm dimensions mean 120mm diameter or diagonal?I measured my present case fan and it is 90mm along diameter and 120mm along diagonal.My PC-


However,I could not find any 90mm case fans,only 80mm and 120mm.Am I doing something wrong?Any help would be sincerely appreciated.
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  1. 120mm is the width of the fan housing. The most common sizes are 80mm, 92mm and 120 mm
  2. Ok,that means the square within which the actual fan is placed,right?Will a 120mm fan fit in my case which probably has a 92 mm fan or only a 92mm fan will fit?Am asking because 92mm fans arent available but 120mm fans are.
  3. I can't order from Newegg as they do not ship to India. :( Also,can I fit an 80mm fan instead of my stock 92mm fan coz 80mm and 120mm fans are easily available here.
  4. I dont have that pc, so I dont know what will fit.
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