With my PSU (300 watts) work with ATI 4670

Hi everyone,

I want to play games such as L4D2, Crysis, and some RTS's (CoH, men of war) on max graphics
To do that, I'm upgrading my system - Intel Core Q6600 2.4 ghz, ati 3450 with a crappy 300 watt PSU...
I'm on a budget so I don't want to spend over $200 on upgrades.
The plan is- I want to know if my 300 watt PSU can support an ATI 4670 without significant issues (crashing, burning)

On newegg, it recommends 400 watt or greater.

So what should I do? Buy ATI 4670 and keep the PSU or buy a new 4670 and a new PSU if that doesn't work.
Note: I'm on a tight budget. And if I need to get a new PSU I'd have to get a 750 watt for around $110 hands down (I believe it will help in the long term, so you don't need to recommend any cheaper PSU's with less watts).
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  1. Considering the reccomended minimum PSU for a Q6600 alone is 350watt then yes you need a new PSU.

    Personally just get a 500watt or so and it will do you fine with some more upgrades down teh line also.
    I have been running a 8800gtx,3hdd's,2 dvd's, and a q6600@3.6ghz for nearly 2 years on an enermax 500watt.
    only recently upgraded when i got crossfire'd 5850's.
  2. Use this to "do the math"


    this to pick a new one if you need it

  3. I'm in roughly the same situation as you. Trying to figure if my 300w psu in my acer prebuilt is enough to power a Q8300 (95 watt) and low power 9800 gt (75 watt max, no extra 6 pin connector).

    Lite-on power supply specs:
    DC output: (+5v - 20A max) (-12v - 0.5A max) (+12v1 - 10A max)
    [+5v(SB) - 2A max] (+3.3v - 20A max) (+12v2 - 13A max)

    Combined power on +3.3 and +5v not exceed 130 watts.
    Combined power on +12v1 and +12v2 rails not exceed 20A.
    At ambient 25 degrees celsius: Total output power should not exceed 300 watts.
    At ambient 50 degrees celsius: Total output power should not exceed 270 watts.
  4. On those calculators, if i put full 100% utilization it puts it around 230 watts to be safe.

    Looking at my specs that would be 230/270 = 85% utilization. Now I have no idea if my thinking is correct.
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