Really loud strange noise coming out of speakers after overclocking.

I'm not really sure why but whenever I try to OC my q6600 over 3.0ghz, when playing games or listening to music, strange things happend to sound. Sometimes there's no sound at all or theres sound coming only from one side. The most annoying one is when I play a game I hear a random loud noise like a SHHCHHH, it gets pretty annoying so I downclock down to 3.0ghz and everything's fine.

I'm using a dedicated sound card and capting the fsb to 33.33mhz in BIOS. Motherboard: P5W DH Deluxe

What causes this? Thanks.
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  1. I am not sure but I would say since you're messing with your FSB this could cause sound issues since you're using Dedicated. I am not sure so dont take my word for it until someone gets on here and agrees. :)
  2. But I'm capting the fsb to 33.33mhz for the pci slot, how does it affect it?
  3. Well, arn't sound cards in the PCI slot? It could affect it.
  4. Anonymous said:
    Well, arn't sound cards in the PCI slot? It could affect it.
    No, Because 33.33mhz is the standard frequency for PCI slots and thats the reason I'm capting that frequency. It's called ''PCI clock synchronization mode'' in BIOS.
  5. Oh then nevermind what i said, i thought you said you CHANGED it from the Standard clock. It does sound very strange though . . . .
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