How much for all this?

I have finally finished my new PC and now I have a my old rig that I'm willing to sell... Problem is I don't know how much I can get for it and where to sell.

In your opinion, how much this is worth?

C2Q Q9550
Asus P5N-D SLI Board
Zalman 9500
8 GB DDR2 OCZ Gold
BFG 8800GT 512Mb
Creative X-Fi Gammer PCI
1 WD 320Gb
1 Samsung 240Gb
Multi Card Reader
DVD RW External LG
Antec 900 case (all fans replaced by coolermaster fans with no LED)
1 Dell 24" 1920x1200
Logitech LX710 Mouse & Keyboard Wireless
Windows Vista Home Edition Retail (32&64 bit DVDs)

In addition, what is the best way to sell all of this? My concern is that I'll have to find somebody near where I live (Cincinnati) because if this whole thing needs to be shipped it will cost a fortune (size&weight)

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
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    I would say that it depends whether you want to sell it all together or part it out. Shipping for the whole thing and the xase are probably high, but on a part here and there are not. Typically when I sell stuff I simply charge people the actual cost of whatever service they prefer for shipping.
    If you decide you want to sell locally you could always try craigslist for your area.
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