Create a dos startup disk.... failed

msdos.sys,IO.sys,>>>Create a dos startup disk

Usb/flash disc>> Not read......

create a dos startup disk>>Failed

del>>1st boot device... Okay

Not read>>windows enter>>and usb/flash disc corrupted format And Repeat format

format okay>>>msdos.sys,IO.sys,>>>Create a dos startup disk.... Okay

del>> 1st boot device Okay

Not read>>windows enter>>and usb/flash disc corrupted....Repeat format
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  1. If you're creating a DOS disk, then why Are you using and a compatible OS?
  2. my windows xp sp3

    Hp tools >>< No xp

    emergency bios update>>>Need

    My 2 gb ram>>>msi 7267 v 93 4 gb ram require
    and>>> msi 7267 v 93 updated try....2-3 update try

    emergency>>Msii 7267vF2 a previous version try

    create a startup disk>> failed
  3. I don't know how to fix your computer problem, but there are DOS disk images available for download: you shouldn't have any trouble finding one if you look around.

    The New Number Two
  4. Your post is rather cryptic. If I understand it correctly, you are trying to create a DOS bootable USB key to flash your BIOS. Is that correct?

    Use this instead: and download both the HP utility and the Windows 98 system files. Then execute this commande from a DOS window:

    C:\DriveKey>hpusbf E: -Q -B:C:\temp\dos

    Change E: to your USB key drive letter and C:\temp\dos to the location where you extracted the Windows 98 system files. Then boot from it. I tested it on one of my systems and it booted to DOS.
  5. if necessary,>>other a windows install

    Which, windows solution?? Which,windows install.

    repair processes>> difficult

    windows,,Download and install>>More easy

    Most old. windows>>>I wonder...solution???????
  6. I presume that English isn't your primary language, but could you try to explain a bit better what you're after?

    What system do you have? Complete list of components please.

    What OS or which one would you like to install?

    Were you able to update the BIOS?
  7. windows xp sp3

    Were you able to update the BIOS? cannot understand

    Not love>>> Which windows??? it solves

    I know>>Hp storage format tools>>>and use

    Most recent>>wintoflash with>>format properties>>manually mbr config 0,0,0,>>manually fat config 0,0,0,>> <Create bootloader dos usb && and abort process

    then>>create dos startup disk problem
  8. Can you get help from a knowledgeable IT person?
  9. Just use the Hiren's boot disk:
    There are instructions how to make a bootable flash drive.
    It comes with a good set of emergency utilities + alowing you to boot in command line mode, a specially created and fast to boot mini Win XP and a mini Linux - faster even with an awful graphical interface.
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