Sk boot failure, inserst disk, blah, blah, blah

Pc working fine, came in and say this error.
System is HP - AMD 62 X2 dual core 4200, 2.2 Ghz cpu speed, WIN XP SP2.
Lost WIN CD that came with when I moved last year, but do have back-up for important data.
What are my options?
I have some ability with computers, upgrading video cards, memory, basic troubleshooting, but not a geek, so PLEASE keep help / tips simple.

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  1. Try using the cmos jumper to reset the bios. With the system off, move this jumper over one position to keep 2 out of 3 pins covered, then return to it's original position. Or remove the board battery for a few seconds, and reinstall. Also check for a loose cable connection for your hardrive.
  2. very helpful, except for one thing, there are no jumpers installed. I found the CMOS pins and per HP website:

    it showed where they are and what to do...except there are NO jumpers installed.
    Checked NO loose cables. If I set up DEFAULTS for the BIOS, what will this do and can I go back & change if needed? I wrote down all the settings.
  3. Removed battery, no change.
    Ran diagnostics and got Error Code HP521-2W, which seems to be a hard drive failure. Going to buly new hard drive, but new issue is that I do not have original disks with WIN XP. I do have my wife's laptop and her disks with same OS. Will this work?
    Once hard drive replaced and WIN XP loaded, will I need to do a system restore or is that not necessary?
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    If both windows cd's are for hp systems, then yes. To activate, use your coa sticker number from the case.
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  6. thank you, up and running. New Hard Drive in, WIN installed, copying files from West. Dig. Book drive.
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