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Chaintech 7nil1

Last response: in Motherboards
June 7, 2010 8:08:01 PM

I have a Chaintech 7nil1 MB. And currently running an Barton 2500+. Early on after I purchased the board I contacted support so I could install an AMD Athlon XP(Barton)3200+, which it was suppose to be able to run. The manual shows jumper 25 (has 3 pins)is to set the CPU FSB. 1-2 is for 133/166MHz(Man. states: this will allow CPU Ext.freq. and Mem freq. to be adjusted in Bios) and 2-3 is for 100MHz (Man. states: this will allow mem. freq. to be adjusted in Bios). Support told me to set it on 1-2 166/200MHz (note how man. reads) So I assume I'm to set the jumper to 1-2 and adjust CPU freq. in Bios. However the freq. only goes to 265MHz in Bios ( the 2500 is suppose to run at 333MHz) and the 3200 runs at 400MHz. Will that limit change when I put the 3200+ in? And what should I set the FSB for now? (it's only on 100MHz now) Thz in advance, Letitbe :pt1cable: 

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June 8, 2010 10:24:19 PM

canadian69 said:
Some revisions of the board shipped with 333/400MHz support and that info was included in a addendum sheet to the manual. The best I can suggest is you look for a BIOS update. No telling if it will work though.
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There are 4 settings in the bios. Optimal, Agressive, Turbo, and Expert. The expert will allow full control over board. Clear up to 250MHz or 500DDR. It starts at 100MHz and goes up 1MHz at a time. I should have just looked harder. But really!! Thz!! :bounce: