Help Needed to Decide: HD4890 or GTX 275

Hey guys, whats up? I just need some help deciding here. I've seen on some benches that these two are more or less..on the 'same' level..please correct me if i'm wrong. One main thing I'm concerned with is the temps and how hot the card actually runs as well.

So any one who have experience with either one any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.. thank you.
PS. I'm looking to buy one by Friday..thanks :D

I'm basically looking at this GTX275

and these 4890's
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  1. here is XFX with mail in rebate. I would buy the best performance for the price.
  2. ah ok..naw i can't get the MIB tho..i won't be in the US when i get it..but i'm more about performance and cooling really rather than the price. I'll be upgrading from a xfx gtx 260(216)
  3. A upgrade from GTX260 to either of those card is nothing that is going to give your self a wow factor they are to close in performance.
    I would not upgrade from a GTX260 unless it would be to a minimum HD5850/70, HD4870x2 or GTX295
  4. Upgrading to a 4890 or 275 wont bring much benefit from a 260. If possible best option would be to get another 260 in sli, else sell the 260 and use the proceeds to a like 5850.
  5. The GTX275 runs cooler while the 4890 has more RAM to deal with future games, but as the others have said either card is not much of an upgrade from a GTX260 sp 216.
  6. flare said:
    I'll be upgrading from a xfx gtx 260(216)

    There will be a little increase in performance, but too little to justify the cost of upgrading unless you are gonna up to something like a HD 5850 / HD 5870 / HD 5970 / 280 GTX / 295 GTX.
  7. Can your board SLI?

    Really though, I'd suggest waiting. 3 reasons:

    1.) your current card is pretty good, so no rush.

    2.) New NVidia cards may come out (eventually)

    3.) 5800 production will pick up again (eventually) and lower their prices so maybe you will be able to get a 5850/70 then.
  8. Ok..I understand. Well the board can't SLI otherwise i would have gotten another one for sure. Right now I can't change the board until mid next year

    The other thing..I can't afford a 5series Ati card right now

    And I'm helping someone out by selling them my gtx260 thats why i need one.
    What you all think about the brand Galaxy tho..I saw a friend bought 2 gts 260 and SLI with em.
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