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Hello all. I brought a Q9550 processor as an upgrade an old e6700 C2D and my motherboard doesn't support the 45nm chip. So I was going to buy the Asus P5N-D Mobo. Problem is i don't have a windows CD since i brought a Win 7 Upgrade off of Digital River because I'm a student and it was Download only.

Any Who do i need to reinstall Windows for it to work? My old Motherboard is a EVGA 680i Mobo and im replacing it with a Asus P5N-d. Any help would be grateful thanks guys.
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  1. Yes, you will need to re-install it.
  2. You might not have to do a full reinstall -- usually a REPAIR install will work ( it reexamines the system and reloads the drivers etc. so can be used to repair the installation from using your old MOBO drivers to the new ones ) - Problem is in order to do a repair install you have to run setup.exe from the windows disk ( do you still have the download and can it be used to reinstall the OS again ??) -- you might need to contact Digital River and inquire how to go about reinstalling the OS or creating a windows installation disk from the downloaded files.

    The good thing about a REPAIR install is all of your other programs and settings will remain installed and customized to your current settings instead of having to also reinstall all of them.

    but either way - whether a repair install or a full reformat/reinstall you are going to need the setup.exe and system driver files from the windows install disk.
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