Has my Crucial M4 just failed?

I built a new PC about 6 weeks ago and the two storage drives are a 128GB Crucial M4 and a 2TB Samsung Spinpoint. I have had absolutely no problems with the PC until today - I used it find this morning, turned it off without any problems and when I returned to it this afternoon, the computer won't boot into Windows, saying Windows failed to initialize because it cannot locate a component. The BIOS screen now only displays the Samsung drive and the Windows installation is on the Crucial drive. I have checked all connections and they are fine - has my hard drive just failed on me?
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  1. Disconnect both drives and clear your cmos. Connect your M4 and see if your BIOS recognizes the drive.
  2. I have tried that. Cleared the CMOS by using the jumpers with both drives disconnected, reconnected using only the Crucial drive and it brings up the same message saying 'the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible'.

    Having plugged the Samsung back in, it recognises that with no problem but just won't recognise the Crucial no matter what.

    Any other ideas or thoughts? Generally how do warranties on these drives work?
  3. Posting from my phone - inadvertedly double posted.
  4. E-mail Crucial with the details. Your SSD may have died...
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