Good DDR2 for this MOBO?

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  1. So I have this motherboard:

    And I currently have a single stick of DDR2 2GB Giel RAM, problem is it's faulty. I'm going to take this opportunity to upgrade to 4GB DDR2 but I can't decide which brand/package to get. Choosing RAM is new territory for me. I'm on a strict budget of £80 but I could go to 90 if it's really worth it, so if anybody could show me maybe RAM you've used or know that is good I would really appreciate it.
  2. Hi.

    U can find here many options for ur rig and budget. Currently I'm using this but are out of ur budget.

    Some good brand that u can look for are Corsair, Crucial, OZC, Mushkin and Kingston. Let me know if u need more help, since u are from Europe I don't know a good e-store for buy the RAM.
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