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I didn't know where else to post this, so "other components" ended up being the best fit.

I'm looking to buy a UPS for a new build. I'm running an Antec 850W PSU on the build. After scouring Newegg and talking with a network admin at a computer lab I decided to go with an APC UPS. Here is my question,

Newegg has APC BR1500LCD 1500VA 865 Watts 8 Outlets BACK-UPS RS for $187.89 + 27.91 ship = $215.80

Micro Center (near my house) has Back-UPS XS 1500VA UPS with LCD, AVR and USB Connectivity $182.74 with tax

My problem is I don't know the difference between the XR and BR verisons, they appear to be the same thing. The spec sheets on the APC website do not really show me the difference either.

APC spec sheet for RS: APC BACK-UPS RS 1500VA LCD 120V - when I searched the product number listed on newegg, it cam back RS on the APC site. I didn't see one that said exactly RS.
APC spec sheet for XS: APC BACK-UPS XS 1500VA LCD 120V RETAIL

Anyone lend any insight?
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    It may pertain to product distribution.
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    PS - I'd go with buying from the local seller and keeping the receipt.
    If it fails, shipping it back to the manufacturer could be a hassle.
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