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Hey guys, I wonder if someone can give me an advice here.

I'm trying to build a new computer but I cant decide what Graphic Card would be

I'll prob buy a i5 750 processor + 2gb ddr3 ram + intel dp55wb motherboard + 500Gb HD and I already have an 550W psi.
I play with 1440x900 resolution and i have about $200 for the VGA (maybe a little more...)

My first option is GeForce260Gtx or ATI HD4890.

If I buy an ATi VGA should I buy ATI processor too ?
Any opinion on this build ? Should I change something ?

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  1. ^ You wont need to buy an ATI(I think you mean AMD CPU right ?) CPU when you buy an ATI card...

    And as for the build,
    these days the apps,games and the OS take up lot of memory...So switching to a 4GB kit would be a better option...
    As for the mobo, the Gigabyte UD2 would be a good option if you want to try overclocking your CPU

    As for the graphics card, I would rather suggest the HD 5770 for your monitor resolution...
    Reason - It would be able to play recent games @ your screen resolution, is a DirectX 11 card, power consumption would be low, less heat...
  2. Intel is not for overclocking if you are into that.
    It's advantage is stability. The UD2 supports Crossfire:

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