Can't get into BIOS?

Hello everyone. I just assembled my PC, and I can't seem to get into BIOS, let alone almost anything. When I boot, I get this nice green ASUS screen, and on the bottom I have two options: "DEL to run setup" and "TAB to display BIOS POST Message." Which ever option I press, I get into this American Megatrends screen. Now, it tells me what hard-drive, and DVD drives I have, and it has two options: "F8 for BBS Setup" and "ALT-F2 to execute ASUS EZ Flash 2." And when I press any of the corresponding keys, nothing happens. Only a little message gets changed "Boot selection Popup menu has been selected." Similar thing for the ALT-F2 option happens. And then the screen stays the same. Any key you press, nothing happens.

My motherboard: Asus M4A78-EM
CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 620

Can someone help me out? Perhaps I am overlooking something. It's my first build too.. although I figured getting into BIOS would a be a little easier than this. :(
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  1. It sounds like the system is not recognizing your keyboard. I bet you are using a USB keyboard, yes?

    If so, try borrowing a PS2 keyboard for the initial boot. Then go into the BIOS and change keyboards.
  2. It recognizes my keyboard because I am able to get into that other screen that does me no good. Num lock light is on, etc.
  3. Have you tried resetting the CMOS ram?
  4. ^^^ Yes, I have. I've done the reset by taking out the battery. Also, I've done a reset with the jumper.
  5. Well the only other options I can think of is to update the BIOS or return the motherboard to where you bought it.
    Also the idea of using a PS2 keyboard is a good one, even though it seems to recognize the keyboard on the first screen.
  6. Well, I went today to the store and I just returned the motherboard and CPU and got completely different ones. Now my PC works great. I got a Gigabyte motherboard and Intel processor. :) Turns out the old motherboard was busted and that Asus have been having problems lately.
  7. This exact same thing happened to me with an Asus m4a88td-v evo usb3 mobo. Don't get into BIOS setup, whatever I try. I'll send it back today and ordered a new one. Hopefully this will work, if not I don't buy Asus anymore. It is a pain in the ass assembling the whole computer to find out that it doesn't work, deassemble and then ship it back. To much hustle you ask me! :(
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