Help!!! Dead CPU or Dead Mobo?

Hi there,
My computer was working fine then I tried to boot the next day and nothing. Thinking it was the PSU I got a new one but still same problem. Having tried many things I discovered that the CPU fans and case fans would work and the mobo had power has long as the 4 pin power connecter for the CPU wasnt plugged in. As soon as that connector was plugged in the whole thing would die and no power at all. No beeps or anything when have fans running on main connector but yeah as soon as that 4 pin connector touches the Mobo everything dies. Am wondering if anyone knows if this a mobo problem or a dead CPU problem as dont want to end up purchasing the wrong part. Is frustrating to say the least have reseated the CPU, RAM etc and now just have the basics plugged into the mobo but same thing as soon as the 4-pin connector touches the Mobo it just all dies. Would love any feedback on this. Thanks heaps
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  1. System specs?

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    Your problem is probably not the CPU. My guess would be PSU or motherboard, in that order.
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