EVGA Hydro Copper block on Asus GTX 680

I hope this isn't the wrong section, if so please correct and I apologize (in case it's better in GPU section).
I recently obtained an Asus GTX 680, and I want to have it confirmed that an EVGA Hydro Copper will fit on it. I find it hard to believe that EVGA would make it only fit their own branded gtx 680s, but I'm a paranoid/extremely cautious person when it comes to computers so I just want to make sure.

It's not a DC ii card, just the normal, stock, non overclocked model.

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  1. I don't know about the EVGA compatibility with ASUS, but you could email them. I've found EVGA service to be prompt and useful in the past.

    You can use EK Waterblocks' configurator website to find available options for your card (if it's there), and it gives you the option to submit cards not listed for them to check.

  2. Hydrocopper blocks are actually made by Swiftech for EVGA.

    Depending on whether both cards are reference PCB or not will determine if they would fit. Do you have the model numbers for both cards you can list or link to? This will help.
  3. GPU: Asus GTX680-2GD5
    The block: Part Number: 400-CU-G680-B1 (didn't see a model number, assume this works)
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