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I've got an old Toshiba Satellite M45-S169 that will not allow me to boot any distros or Gparted. I get black screen. With Ubuntu Distro, it states "linux..." with black screen. Trying to boot with Gparted also gives me black screen with flashing prompt dash. The CDs are good because I've checked in other computers. The CD drive is also good because I checked it with other disks. I've obviously configured BIOS to boot from CD. I'm suspecting I need to change something in BOOT.INI but I might be barking up the wrong tree. Anyone seen this before? If so, how did you get any distros to boot?
I'm trying to partition the drive so I can move WUBI from C drive to it's own partition.
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  1. This won't even work with a Live CD? Could be a bad hard-drive. Run a Live CD that does not need to write anything to the drive, take out the hard-drive, see if that works.
  2. The CD is fine because I'm able to load programs while OS is working. After much research, I think I've figured it out... Turns out that my BIOS is "programmed" to only take windows programs. I should have gotten the hint when I read the sticker on my laptop that says, "Designed for Windows XP". What I was able to do was take my hard drive out and install in another laptop that takes distros. Loaded the distro and then transfered the hard drive back into my Satellite M45. From there, I connected to internet with wired connection and performed all updates. It's been running fine but now I have a wireless internet problem that I will look into another section of the forums.

    Thanks for your reply/suggestion...
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    Every Windows machine states "designed" or "best with" some Windows version, that does not mean that it will only work with that and is locked to be used with anything else.

    It could be that Linux just does not work on that laptop's hardware.
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