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Hi all,
Im making my first computer very soon, probably starting after the holidays.
Anyway, i just wanted to make sure that all the pieces that im want to buy fit together properly and will make a moderate standard gaming cumputer. I know I probably need more ram but i will be getting another 4g's once i get windows 7. I can probably go up about another $100 for parts. I want the system to be able to change a lot (which is why i went with amd as they made the phenomen compatible with old motherboards), ill probably change the processor next cristmas to a black edition phenomen quad core. Also ill get a multiple of the graphics card i put down.

I live in Victoria, Australia. I hope to get all my parts of but im sure i can search around for any parts they dont stock if you feel like it will boost performance considerably.
I have a total budget of $1100 AUD before rebate.
Im going to purchase windows 7 with it.
Usage: Gaming, internet, videos/movies, office.
Ill be playing games mostly like spore, sims, crysis and cod modern warfare 2, but i also play mmorpgs.
Overclock: Yes
Crossfire: In a year.
Screen Resolution: Dont no but it is 20", not sure if you can calculate the resolution of that.

Give me your opinions, your answers are greatly appreciated.
So the specs are:

CPU: AMD Phenom II X3 720 Black Edition, 2.80GHz, Triple Core, Socket AM3, 95W TDP, 3x512KB L2 Cache, 6MB L3 Cache, Stepping C2, Boxed, Heka (HDZ720WFGIBOX)

Motherboard: ASUS M4A78T-E Motherboard, AM3, AMD 790GX, Dual DDR3 1600, PCIe2.0 x16, SATAII, RAID, Gigabit LAN, USB, D-Sub, DVI, HDMI, IEEE 1394, eSATA, 8-Channel Audio, ATX, CrossFire

Case: NZXT Apollo Crafted Series, Steel Midtower, ATX, Micro-ATX, Baby AT, Black with Blue LED, comes with side panel (APNL2-URB)

HDD: Samsung 500GB 3.5" Spinpoint F3 HDD, 7200rpm, SATA II 3.0Gbs, 16MB Cache, 3 Years Warranty (HD502HJ)

RAM: Team Xtreem 6GB Memory 3x 2GB Kit, PC3-15000 (1866MHz) DDR3, 9-9-9-24-2T, 1.65v, Aluminium Heatsink (TXD36144M1866HC9TC)

Graphics Card: Sappire Radeon HD 5770 Video Card, 1024MB 1280-bit DDR5 RAM, 850 / 2400 MHz Clock, Dual DVI, HDMI Out, Display Port, HDCP, CrossFire Ready, PCIe 2.0 x16 (21163-00-41R)

PSU: Huntkey Green Star 550W, Low Noise, 24Pins, 2x 6Pins SLI Support, 4Pins, SATA, ODD, FDD Connectors, 14cm Fan (HK550-14GP)

Things that wont be needed: Monitor, DVD RW, Speakers
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  1. Get a better power supply. CM's are one step up from junk. I favor Corsair and Antec. Something from 450 watts - 550 watts will do nicely.

    Case fan - avoid sleeve bearings.
  2. Add 2GB more of RAM (4GB minimum is the standart today) and try to get a X4 like the 955.

    A better PSU is a good option too. Coolermaster, Corsair, Antec, Thermaltake....are good PSU manufacturers
  3. 6GB != AMD systems. Get a 2x2GB setup. I also agree that you need a better PSU. I have no idea who Huntkey is, but I doubt they are good. Other then that it looks ok.
  4. 20" would be either 1280 x 1024 or 1440 x 900 so your GPU choice is fine and suggest you stick to single GPU solutions
  5. It could also be 1680x1050. My 20" LCD monitor is that res. I only play TF2, and the lowly 8800GS works just fine. The 5770 should be even better. Its a bit faster then the 4850 which is also fine.
  6. Ya but dated 20 inchers dun come in that high reso for the most part though hehe
  7. Why go for the AMD? The socket will be obsolete in about a year anyways as AMD has the Bulldozer and Bobcat(?) cpu lines coming out in 2012 on a new socket. It would be a waste to go with AMD only to throw an x4 in there next year. Plus the x3 can be used as a quad anyways in some cases.

    I would suggest a Core i5. For that price you should be able to build a Core i5 easily.
  8. Err in the 1st place why are we on the subject of 6 cores when games today max at 3 for the most part? The best way to be useful here is to provide a real solution at real prices where TS is at with a suggested config IMO and not go O/T or make it an AMD/Intel debate
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