HDD Stutters In Games

After much diagnosing I thought that split second stutters in games were down to my graphics card. However after a revision I have now realised it is my HDD. I am not really sure what to do to improve this issue as it is a one of these:


I have defragmented my hard drive so this is not an issue. It happens in most games, at the moment im playing battlefield 3 you see :)

any more suggestions will not go a miss :D
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  1. When you play the game restart in swap-less configuration if your hardware /RAM amount/ is sufficient. In general a good practice is to make your windows swap file on a separate small partition, dedicated for swap purposes - for Windows and things like Photoshop, and to manage the file manually by setting it initial and maximum sizes equal and on a clean partition - this way youl'll keep the file unfragmented, and to avoid internal fragmentation just restart time to time with 0 swap file size and delete the file, and then move back to the original config.
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