LGA 1156 Cooling - Need advice before 10pm (Tom's Hardware Time)


I'm upgrading my machine, and have all of the components knuckled down except for the cooler. Here's the rig that I've put together (without the cooler):

CPU: Intel LGA 1156 Core i7 860
Motherboard: G-A P55-UD4P
HDD: Seagate 1TB SATA
PSU: CoolerMaster RealPower Pro 1000W
Memory: G.Skill Trident 2000MHz
GPU: Gigabyte ATI RADEON 4890
Case: Antec 200

Now, I'd like to get a good cooling unit, which is a combination of performance and cost-effectiveness. I will be using both Turbo and HTT.

Here's what I've been looking at:

CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus ($60.00)
Zalman CNPS9900A LED ($95.00)
Arctic Cooling Frezeer 7 PRO REV2 ($70.00)
Thermalright True Black 120 ($90.00)

Shipping has been included in all of the prices except for the Hyper 212.

Note that the Zalman and the Arctic are my supplier's recommendations. I do listen to him (that's why I have a CM RPP 1kW PSU instead of an Antec TPQ 1kW), but I can't find many reviews on them, and none of the reviews I've found talk about the LGA 1156.

Please reply ASAP,

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  1. Hyper+ all the way. Doesn't sound like your supplier knows what he's talking about (no offense). Why did you get 1kW?? I would have changed a number of other things about your build as well, but oh well.
  2. +1 Hyper. ZXSAFNSAFASE 1k WATTS?? Coolermaster??#WEWASDAWSFS
  3. ^+1 the Hyper +, which is the same thing I recommended in your post in the CPU forum section.
  4. Well so far the Hyper 212+ is in the lead, and looks like it'll stay that way, but I've got another hour or so before he goes to buy the stuff, so I'll tell him then. Thanks for your help so far :).

    Also, I again apologize to the moderators for having to delete my first post in the CPU & Components forum :(.

    Now, that I'm pretty sure that that is down pat, I'd just like to go a little off topic, and find out why you guys don't like the 1kW PSU. I did forget to mention that a second 4890 will be joining the rig in about three-to-six months.

    Thanks again so far, it's been really appreciated.
  5. A 750w Corsair will crossfire 4890s fine. 1k watt is huge overkill and Coolermaster is near junk in the PSU industry. If you insist on a 1kwatt PSU atleast get a Corsair or Antec.
  6. A 750W Corsair or Antec would be plenty. Also, I would get a better case than the 200 - the 300 minimum, and 1600MHz CL7 RAM...

    Edit: lol
  7. I too thought that a 750W PSU would be suffice, but I was speaking with a few different people (they don't know each other, so there's no influential bias), and they all recommended that I get an 850W PSU as a bare minimum, preferably a 1kW...

    If I could get an Antec TP 750W PSU, I'd save $126 - money that can be put into the case and cooling.

    However, only my supplier suggested the CM. Quite a few of the people suggested I go with an Antec, but I decided to follow my supplier's advice and change back (I originally chose CM, then went to Antec, and am now again with CM).

    If Antec is better (I don't think my supplier can get Corsair), then I'd rather go with them, seeing as they are much, MUCH cheaper.
  8. I'd go with an Antec Tru Power 750W PSU, definitely more than enough. especially for a 4890. Also, the Antec 900 case was on sale at newegg for only $60.
  9. Using the Antec/eXtreme PSU Calculator, I placed my rig in with 4x USB components, 4x 120mm regular fans, 2x 120mm LED fans and 1x 120mm High Perf fan (not sure what type of fans the Antec 200 uses, much less the 900 or 902). I also set my capacitor aging to 25% (just in case) and my system load to 95% (again, just in case).

    The total was 572W, but I've always been told to add +30% in case of freak loadings, placing the grand total at 743.6W.

    Is a 750W PSU still good, or should I have a little more? A 750W PSU would be a life saver (to the cost of the machine AND to my power bill), but I'd rather spend the extra and not fry my PC.
  10. 750w Antec or Corsair, don't look back. High end PSUs are underrated. They can put out 800-850watts.
  11. A 750W is for sure fine. One note though, just because a PSU can draw 1000W doesn't mean it will always draw that much. How much is pulled from the outlet depends on how much is consumed by the components plus usually about 25%
  12. Wow... who ever said 850W as bare minimum are idiots and not to be trusted. You ONLY need a 1kW PSU if you plan to run QuadFire or Quad SLI,etc. A Corsair 750TX or 850HX/TX are more than enough.

    At any rate, +1 for the 212. And btw, that Antec 200 case is cr@p. It's too small for a big 4890. Get a HAF 922 or HAF932 or Antec 900 or Antec 1200.
  13. sonic-boom said:
    750w Antec or Corsair, don't look back. High end PSUs are underrated. They can put out 800-850watts.

    Yes, that is true. But Antec,Corsair,PC Power,etc rate their PSUs as 750W continuous for a reason.
  14. Yes, I was just mentioning that since OP was worried that since the psu calc said 743 it might not be enough if spikes.
  15. Well I'm reading articles about PSUs at the moment, and I'm starting to like the 750/850Ws much more now...

    Now I have a question: Corsair 850W-HX sells for $275.00, while the Antec TP 750 sells for $170.00. Is there any reason why 100 watts is $105 more expensive, especially when most wattage differences are only about $20-30 at the most?

    And @ cases: I'd LOVE an Antec 1200. But I can't afford it :(. So my next bet is the Antec 900/902. Isn't the 902 the better of the two? Or is it overrated?
  16. Yes the 902 is really nice. Or a Lian Li PC-K62.
    About the PSUs, Thats just how it is, one reason is that the HX is modular the TP isn't I don't think. No need to spend that $100 on a 850, 750 is sufficient.
  17. I just noticed that the TP-750 only has two PCI-e connectors. Is this OK for CF?
  18. You just have to get an adapter. Have you looked at the 5770s?
  19. An adapter? Are there any other Antec PSUs? If not, then I'll side with a Corsair.

    And I've looked at the 5770 and it looks nice, but doesn't the 4890 provide better grunt? I'd rather upgrade to DirectX 11 when there are some great DirectX 11 games out there (by that stage, I'll probably get a GTX 460/480).
  20. Well the 5770 overclocks as high as the 4890 and is newer tech and uses less power and only needs 1 connector. Is the Corsair 850w the only Corsair you can get? If you can get a 750w Corsair get that, it has 4x 6+2pin.
  21. Um actually, The Antec 750w TP-750 has 4pci-e connectors. The 6+2pin still work as 6 pin.
  22. I've just sent off an email asking about the TX and HX 750W, but I think I can only get the TX-750W. Is that still OK?
  23. Yep the tx 70w is great.
  24. Excellent - that isn't nearly as cheap as the Antec TP, but I know Corsair have a good reputation. My how this thread has evolved :O. And I've always liked the Antec 902, so I think I'll side with that too :). Thank you so much :)!!!

    And I noticed that RAM was mentioned too. What's not so favourable with G.Skill Trident 2000MHz?
  25. ^ The latencies and the price. About the PSU Antec has just as good of a reputation as Corsair.
  26. Antec SG-650 would be fine w/ a single GFX card and you can be sure all the cables will reach....see it here:


    "The Antec Signature 650 performs better electrically in most areas than any other PSU that's been through the SPCR test bench. Voltage regulation, AC ripple, energy efficiency, power factor, cooling — not a single measured parameter was less than excellent. The build quality matches its electrical performance; we've never seen better."
  27. Once again, a big thank you to you all for your help - I've decided on the Hyper 212+ and the TX-750W :).

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