2 different vid cards still no signal

I built a computer for my gf with some spare parts, everything worked fine for a while then I get a no signal input on the screen. I figured it was the vid card (8800gt) so I replaced it with somethng a little more economical (9500gt). Computer worked fine for a while then the same thing happened "no signal input."

Here are the Specs

Q6700 2.67Ghz Processor

8800GT vid card swapped out for a 9500GT

8gigs of Corsair domintor ram at 800mhz (I think)

WD 500gb hard drive

750watt powersupply

EVGA 780i mobo

it's just a 19 inch lcd monitor, the temp of the 8800GT was up around 160F when running games the 9500GT stays at about 100F. The only thing I could think of is a mad mobo, I swapped out parts from that thing so many times I lost count. Any and all ideas are appreciated.
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  1. The problems you describe are often caused by a faulty stick of RAM. I would run Memtest86+ on each stick of RAM to see if you can find a faulty one.
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