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I am researching what parts to buy to give my computer a decent upgrade, and i figured I would start with the cpu, i looked through a bunch of tech help forums and this one looks like the best from everytyhing i read. I fixed a crashed computer that I had, an hp pavilion 750n with 1.6ghz, 512mb ram, an asus motherboard, and a nvidia tnt2 m64 graphics card. What I want to do is upgrade the cpu, double my ram, slap on a new graphics card, and maybe eventually a better hard drive. About the cpu though, Im not sure exactly what I need to match to buy a compatible processor, is it just the socket type and front side bus frequency? My cureent processor is a pentium 4 mPGA 478, 400mhz at 1.6ghz. Is there a max speed i can get? or anything like that and do i have to get a 400mhz pcu with 478 socket (its my understanding that 478 sockets are discontinued but i found a processor thats 478 at 400mhz refurbished with over 2mhz)
Id really appreciate some help on this topic so i can get started upgrading, thanks. = )
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    400 fsb p4's may be your limit. Starmicro has a few very cheap; you can try a 533, but starmicro doesn't accept returns due to compatability issues, so the 400 ones would be safer.
  2. awsome and what about the ports? does it have to be a 478 or a mPGA 478 (not sure what mPGA means dunno if thats part of the socket title or what)
  3. 478 only.
  4. Can't answer that question, but according to hp's website, it's m478.
  5. Thanks guys, since my Motherboard is out of date I moved my questions to the "building a pc" forum under "Rebuilding an HP Pavilion 750n" thanks for your help tho.!
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