GeForce 9800gt Heat/Fan Issue

I just noticed my fan isn't even running on the GPU. The video card came with an extra cable, but I thought that was for SPDIF or there any sort of fan connector for a GPU or should it run automatically? Or is it just a broken fan? Still under warranty, yay :P

I was also thinking of replacing the stock cooler the card came with, or at least reapplying some thermal paste. I didn't notice any instructions for doing that in the manual(I don't have it on hand though), is there anywhere I can find them?

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  1. If you change the stock cooler, you'll void the warranty. I find that strange that your GPU fan isn't running and yet you're not mentioning any high temps or crashes or even a burning smell.
  2. There should be a small power cable from the fan on the cooler to the video card. It's usually short and very obvious. Alot of times you can't see it depending on the size or the cooler and if there is a plastic shroud over it.

    If the fan stopped, I'd RMA it.
  3. I have two power cables on my card that are connected, I've tested the connections by connecting them through different cables but no go...I'll just RMA it then and hope for a working fan.

    Hundred, why mention high temps when I already know that part? Fan not spinning = high temperatures...pretty simple.

    Thanks for the help jay.
    Thanks for posting Hundred.
  4. What brand and modelcard is it? I'd like to check if there are issues with that particular card.
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