Too easy of an OC for i7 920?

First off, this is my first ever attempt at OC'ing. I've built a couple PC's now so I know parts failry well, but this is my first try at really pushing stuff. My rig is this:

i7 920
Asus P6T Deluxe v2
GTX 275
300 GB Raptor
6 GB XMS3 1600MHZ
Seasonic 850W PSU

My buddy came over and OC'd this pc to 3.8 and we didn't have to up any voltages. I told him it wouldn't work, but it did. We set all voltages to their standard value and it worked.

I feel like something isn't right, but I ran prime95 for 3 hours and it only got to 64C. I have a Thermalright 120 cooler.

Is this possible with the i7? What are we missing?
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  1. What is your core voltage?

    Run at least 12 hours Large FFTs test of Prime95.
  2. You're not missing anything - the i7 is an overclocking monster, especially the D0 stepping.

    Just double-check your core voltage - plenty of people haven't needed to go past 1.35v to clock these things to 4GHz, but it's always dependant on your specific chip. It sounds like you have a good one.

    Do some serious stress testing for 12-24 hours and see what happens.
  3. Running at 3.8GHz stable with 1.2 core voltage for 3 months now. Don't worry about it.
  4. Core voltage is at 1.2. What would be a good temp to shoot for? Like I said, 64 was the highest I saw, but that was only after about 3 hours. What would be a good max in a 24 hr Large FFT test?
  5. It is a D0 stepping, btw.
  6. As long as the max temp in prime95 is <75C or so, you should be fine.
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