Overclock AMD 965 BE.

Hey, im trying to overclock my amd phenom 965 to 4.ghz

are my voltages okay?

on cpuZ it says 1.488 on full load prime 95
but 1.524 doing nothing?

the OC is stable, just worried about voltages? is 1.524 too high? sometimes i see it go to 1.536 also doing nothing...

My temps never go above 52C so thats fine

So 2 questions, is 1.536 fine ?
and why does the voltages get lower as high load is put on the cpu?
and should i just set back to 3.8 stock voltages stable? :??:

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  1. I would find your stable oc, then step down your voltage and see if it runs on less. if comp shuts off give it more juice. 1.536 seems a bit high.

    as a comparison, I have a 970be. Im oc'd to 4.2 with voltage at 1.474(or something close)

    so again i would drop it a setting, and run prime95 again
  2. I ran 4.2 on the 965be @ 1.512v on the same mobo, step up your mobo to a Gigabyte 990FXA or SABERTOOTH 990FX S/L not amazing but alot better than what you are rocking atm.
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